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Hotel Hairdryer- HairdryerPro

Hotel Hairdryer- HairdryerPro

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Hotel hairdryer 


The Hotel hairdryer is a premium and technologically advanced hair care product. It´s cutting edged design sets it apart from traditional hairdryers, with a sleek and modern look. in particular, the hairdryer motor is ingeniously placed in the handle, which contributes to improved balance during use and reduces user fatigue.

Dyson Hair Dryer – Vikazone

Quiet motor

The heart of the hairdryer lays in it´s digital motor, which is is not only faster but also smaller and lighter compared to conventional hair dryers. This design choice improves the overall ergonomics of the device. in addition, the digital engine is designed to operate silently, providing a more comfortable user experiance. 

 Heat control teachnology

 One of the most important features about the "Hotel hairdryer" is it´s intelligent heat control technology. the innovation ensures that the hairdryer maintains an optimal tempature, prevents excessive heat damage and protects the health of the hair. The device offers three speed settings and four heat settings. allowing for a customized and versatile drying experience. 



Power: 2000W
Function: constant temperature hair care
Material: new nylon material
Cable length: 2.5m


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  • Karen. L

    OMG this blowdryer is a game changer! 😍 It has made my morning routine so much quicker and easier. Dries hair super fast with no frizz. #Feeling Good

  • Ashley. C

    Been using this for a month and it's safe to say this is the best blowdryer I've used. Hair feels amazing. It's a worthy investment.

  • Jimmy. K

    In the beginning i was skeptical, cuase of the price. My wife have used This hairdryer since she got it, often in the morning. but i don´t wake up, it´s so quiet. "Love It"